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hello, goodbye

Hey there, I'm Bane. Forever in love with Johnny's Entertainment idols. My kings are Johnny's West and Hey! Say! Jump, but I'm also partial to Kanjani8 and Arashi.

I've been a fan of JE since 2008 when I watched a parody sub video of Arashi's "We Can Make It" on Youtube. I fell in love with Ohno's voice and the sheer hilarity of the video, even if I didn't know half the of things it was referencing.

Since then, I've expanded outwards to other groups. My twitter and LJ tend to be more focused on Hey! Say! Jump and Johnny's West. 'm not even sure if I understand my obsession, but it exists.

I'm slowly getting into writing fanfics for JE. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of everything! And I swear I don't bite...well, too much. I am pure evil, after all.

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