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19 September 2017 @ 12:40 pm
fic: For all seasons (2/2)  

Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto/Yamada Ryosuke
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 11,306
Summary: The man was tall, a little bit of a puppy face to him, hair flopping about every which way on his head. His eyes scanned the shop, frowning when he reached the cash register. He scanned the room quickly, but seemed to miss Yamada standing amongst the store, blending in far too well he supposed. The man was quite adorable, if but a little simple, and Yamada had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. He wandered closer to the register, trying to peak up the staircase just behind it.
Notes: Wrote this for the YutoYama Exchange held on Archive of Our Own, and I just remembered I haven't posted this here yet xD I'm actually quite proud of this fic and what I was able to accomplish with it. Enjoy~

He hadn’t heard Yuto come in, suddenly looking up to the other man filling the doorway. His eyes were downcast, as if he couldn’t bear to look Yamada directly in the eyes.

Yamada knew why he was here, the letter he had received a week ago sitting on the counter next to him. His sister was ill, and, as a powerful mage in the family, it was his duty to care for her. He had told Yuto plenty of times what his plan was and how he needed to fulfill it. It didn’t make it any less difficult to stand before him and see the pain across Yuto’s eyes.

“How long will you be gone again?” Yuto asked.

“Yutti,” the familiar nickname sounding so foreign across his lips.

“I know the answer, Yama-chan,” Yuto said. “I…I need to hear it from you.”

“A few weeks, a month at the most,” Yamada said. He left his suitcase where it stood to hug Yuto. “You’ll survive until then. You have my Line. We can talk.”

“It won’t be the same as seeing you,” Yuto said, hugging him tighter.

He didn’t know when it had begun to happen. All Hallows Eve? The weeks after? But Yuto had slowly become his world outside of the shop. They had dinner many nights out of the week, Yamada inviting Yuto to his little apartment over his shop to cook for him. How they stayed on his couch until the early morning, watching movies and talking with each other casually.

Yamada remembered the first time he uttered the silly nickname he had come up with, something he had only said to himself, but let slip one evening they had spent together. How Yuto’s eyes brightened, his smile dazzling, and how close he pulled their bodies together, flush against the other, and he could feel every ounce of Yuto against his clothed skin.

There was something there between them. Something neither of them dared to bring up to the other, but they could feel every moment they were together. Yamada craved Yuto’s touch, even simple things where their hands brushed, or how he caught Yuto staring at him when he should have been looking at the television.

It was easier to let his tongue out, speaking some snide comment to Yuto whenever he became a little foolish instead of speaking what his heart truly wanted but head wouldn’t allow. He didn’t want to break the friendship he had built so carefully for whatever there was brewing between them.

Being nestled in Yuto’s arms, the other man smelling of something horribly sweet, the words were at the tip of his tongue. He wanted to say them, and his heart burned in his chest, the emotions welling up to his eyes.

Yuto pulled away, a feeble smile on his lips. “Be safe? I want you to come back to me.”

He took Yuto’s hand in his. “I always am.”

He had always been the best in his family at healing magic, able to tackle anything with quite ease. When he received the message his sister was sick, come down with some unexplainable illness even doctors weren’t sure of, his family called on him to go home. It was three hours by shinkansen before he transferred to a local bus that would take him an hour up a mountain. Even then he wasn’t done, needing to travel a half an hour by car to his parents little home.

He hadn’t wanted to break the news to Yuto, to see the light die from the other man’s eyes. They had become dependent on each other as fall slowly sank into winter’s grasp, the leaves bowing before the frosting temperatures. Yamada knew the time apart wouldn’t kill him, but he would miss Yuto’s presence more than he wanted to admit out loud.

The problem with healing magic was that it couldn’t be rushed. No amount of shortcuts or time spells would aid in the rapid healing of another. Medicine needed to take root in the bone before it spread to other parts of the body and experimentation was needed to find the right balance of herbs to use to treat the ailment.

His father had always been a little impatient, his mother heavy-handed, but despite all of that Yamada had the patience and precision to bring about a brew to heal everything except those that death’s hands had already claimed. There was a reason why he had opened a magic shop, for this talent and skill topped no other, and he could only compliment the many hours he spent studying in school to perfect his craft.

Spending time with his family was nice, finally being able to have his mother’s home cooked meals again, but his heart ached for his true home. The couch he had inherited from when his family moved, the seat cushion sinking in from sitting in his spot so many times. How his kettle would sing when it was hot, ready to be poured for a nice cup of tea on those particularly cold nights. The walls lined with a warm fire when it was filled with two people instead of only himself.

Yuto sent him messages every day, silly little things Yamada couldn’t help but smile at his phone for. They made each other laugh, and time passed by quicker when Yuto was in his world.

Winter had other plans for them. A storm rolled into the little town his parents lived in, coating the roads in heavy ice and snow, making it difficult to even walk to the grocery store in that sort of weather. He was prepared to heat the ice with a spell, open up a path to get home, but his family stopped him.

“Who knows if the buses are even running when you get to the bus stop,” his father said. “It’s better to stay here for the winter.”

He wanted to counter, to say that heading down the mountain there would be less snow, but he stopped himself. He saw the sad look in his father’s eyes, the lines of worry covering his face, and decided to stay. He hadn’t seen them face to face in years. What was another month or two?

Yamada still felt the heartbreak in Yuto’s words when he told him he was staying. It would be an undisclosed time until he returned, but Yamada promised Yuto he would keep him updated on when he was expected to return to his little shop in the city. He felt the sigh in Yuto’s words as he agreed to wait.

He wasn’t sure when the words between them started turning a little suggestive. How Yuto began sliding in little phrases and compliments that made Yamada’s heart flutter in his chest. His fingers typed back a response before he could properly think it through, reading it only after he had pressed send.

They were beautiful little words, and Yamada longed to hear them. He would hear how Yuto’s mouth carefully crafted them, whispering them into Yamada’s ear when they were alone.

It was hard to keep his mind from wandering to how those little phrases could be connected to something bigger, something hotter. The little sounds coming from Yuto’s mouth that would set Yamada’s body on fire despite the ice that surrounded him. Still, he tried to keep his fantasies locked in place when he was out with his family.

One message in particular had caught his attention when he was having dinner with his parents, and Yamada waited until he was safely locked away in his bedroom before he responded.

What do you mean?

He typed those words as he sprawled out on the bed, feet down on the mattress. Yuto’s response came quickly.

Ah, wait. Forget you even read that.

Yamada frowned. He didn’t particularly like being told what to do, and the more Yuto pulled away the more he wanted him close.

It’s just…I was wondering out loud and I sent that on accident. Don’t worry about it.

But he couldn’t help but worry. They had built up a strong relationship where Yamada had begun to trust Yuto, trusted him with details about himself that he hadn’t told in years. There was something more to them than what was just on the surface, and he wouldn’t let Yuto pull away.

He spelled his walls, not wanting his family to hear his conversation, and Yamada called Yuto, heart beating in his chest until the other man picked up.

“Yama-chan.” It was a little gasp, so soft, and it made Yamada shiver hearing his name spoken so sweetly.

“Yutti, what did you mean when you said you wanted to know how I felt?” Yamada asked. They had hugged plenty of times. Yuto had wrapped himself around Yamada’s body as they watched a movie or variety show.

“I,” Yuto began but stopped. “It’s stupid.”

“Nothing is stupid,” Yamada said.

They sat in silence, Yamada hearing Yuto’s brain turning over the phone before he sighed. “Okay.” His voice was quiet. “I’ve been wondering…what it would be like to kiss you.”

The blush was immediate, Yamada’s face turning hot, and he bit his lip to keep from making any noises he would regret. He knew the feeling, wanting to feel if Yuto’s lips were as soft as they looked, but had never allowed himself to say it out loud.

“I…I told you it was stupid,” Yuto said, his voice breaking as he spoke. “I’ll let you get back to-”

He wasn’t done listening to Yuto’s voice, hearing how sweet it was over the phone. He missed how those beautiful words surrounded him, making him feel like he was the only person in the world that mattered. He couldn’t let Yuto go so easily.

“How do you think they would feel?” he blurted out.

“Soft,” Yuto said after too long of a silence. “And you would taste as sweet as strawberries.”

His heart roared in his chest, lips parted to ask more. “And who would initiate it? I want to know everything.”

“I would kiss you,” Yuto said. His voice was still so sweet to Yamada’s ears. “I’d kiss you when I saw that look in your eyes. The one where it looks like I’m the very stars in the sky? I’d lean in and kiss you for just a second before I pulled away, scared you didn’t want to, but you’d lean in and kiss me back.”

He felt embarrassed listening to Yuto’s words. As if he had carefully crafted them over a long time, perfecting the fantasy he longed for. Even through the embarrassment he continued to open up and let Yamada into the world he had constructed.

“I’ve thought a lot about how your sighs would sound like,” Yuto continued, his voice gaining a little confidence as he spoke. “What they would sound like against my lips and skin, and how long we would kiss and where you would let me kiss you.”

Yamada bit his lip as he kept the phone firmly pressed against his ear as one of his hands explored his body, gently touching the skin covered by clothing. He wanted to travel south, to touch his hardening length to the words being whispered in his ear, but his mind still held some semblance of control over his actions.

“Where would you want to kiss me?” Yamada asked, trying to keep his voice even.

“Your lips,” was the immediate response. “Your cheeks, your neck, your chest,” Yuto continued. “I’d kiss you anywhere to let you know how much I adored you. I’d spend all day kissing you in bed and not care about the world moving around us because I had you.”

This was wrong. Yuto didn’t see anything sexual in this conversation, and he shouldn’t have either. He moved his hand down his body, feeling himself through his pants as Yuto talked to him.

“I wouldn’t want to let you go,” Yuto said, his voice so entrancing to Yamada’s ears. “I’d hold you close and my fingers would get lost on your body.” He could hear the want in every word. “I want to touch you so bad, Yama-chan. I want to feel you wrapped in my arms, so I know you’re real and not fake.”

The needs and wants of his body were slowly taking over him. He needed to be touched, and the ghosting feeling of Yuto’s hands weren’t enough to satisfy him. Yamada needed something more to survive the mountain of words that were drowning him. He tried to stay quiet, slipping a hand into sweatpants, but he moaned at the first contact of his hand on himself.

“Yama-chan, are you,” Yuto said, his voice so innocent, so sweet. “Are you touching yourself?”

He should have hung up, ignored the question entirely and pretended it didn’t happen. He should have beat himself and fallen asleep that night, imagining a world where he hadn’t given into temptation and pushed their relationship into a new direction. It would have been the smart thing to do, and to rebuild from their relationship from there.

He ignored it.

“Yes,” he said, blushing more from the admittance than he should have.

“Do you want me…to touch you?” Yuto asked.

“So badly,” Yamada heard himself say, but his body was too worked up, enjoying the lazy way he stroked himself to Yuto’s voice.

“Where…where should I touch you?”

He wanted to yell, to scream, anything to get Yuto to talk in longer sentences. He could have recited the dictionary, but it would give Yamada a chance to hear his voice. Even if it was Yuto reciting the history of kissing he wouldn’t mind. He needed to hear those words coming through the speaker of his phone.

“Anywhere,” Yamada hissed, giving himself a particularly hard stroke. “You must have thought of this before.”

When Yuto didn’t respond immediately, he thought he had said something to upset the other man. But then Yuto started speaking once more.

“Can I be blunt?” he asked.

“Of course,” Yamada said.

“I’ve thought about this a lot.” His voice was shaking as he spoke. “I’ve imagined what it would be like to have you sprawled on the bed underneath me, moaning my name as I touched you.”

This…this was what he wanted to hear. It wasn’t enough to get him off but hearing what Yuto wanted to do to him, fantasized of, was enough to help the pressure continue to build within Yamada’s body.

“You’d be so tight around me,” Yuto said. “I knew you’d be even tighter whenever I entered you, but you’d feel so good around my fingers. God, and your sounds, Yama-chan. You’d be so lewd I would want to rush everything, but I knew I would have to take it slow so you could walk in the morning.”

His hand flew up and down his cock, his jaw opening so he could moan. Yamada wanted to feel Yuto’s hands on him, have him directly be the reason that he felt so good. The more he stroked himself, the more his body desired Yuto’s words to become a reality.

“I’d thrust into you so slowly, so I could feel everything,” Yuto’s words began to catch in his throat, but Yamada paid them no mind. “But I’d lose control easily because it was you. I’d rock into you so hard you were arching off the mattress and into my touch.”

“Let me cum, Yuto,” Yamada groaned. His toes were curled around the sheets, cock aching in his hand. He wanted to beg and plead for Yuto to finish his tale, so he could ascend higher.

“I’d curl my fingers around you and stroke you in time to my thrusts,” Yuto said. “And you’d cum when I said your name, Ry-”

He didn’t hear Yuto finish his name, cum spurting between his fingers as all sound ceased to exist. The world around him settled in beautiful silence until he woke up from the seeds of ecstasy that infected his mind.

“Yuto,” he whispered, and he heard a little grunt in response. “That…that was-”

“I’m sorry,” Yuto said, his voice quivering. “I’m so sorry, Yama-chan. I’ll talk to you later. I’m sorry.”

The line went dead in his hands.

Yamada tucked himself back into his sweats and removed the spell he had cast before sneaking off to the bathroom to clean himself up. In the morning, he had a good morning text from Yuto who was off to work.

They talked through the rest of the winter, integrating a few phone calls into their weekly routine. Neither of them brought up the first, no matter how Yamada wanted to speak of it.

The shop was quiet when he unlocked the door of it. The herb cabinets were still empty, having sold the stock of them to other stores to keep good product from rotting on the shelves. The stones glistened in their barrels under the low light. A few stacks of tarot cards were on display, one of the things he needed to stock up on. Everything was still in place from when Yamada left the store months ago, and his protection charms kept crooks from sneaking in to take everything he owned.

He wheeled his suitcase to the glass counter he usually sat behind, dropping his coat and scarf on it, not needing the items once he had descended the mountain. Spring had finally peaked its head over the frost, and the earth was warming itself once more.

There was still a checklist in his head he needed to complete before he reopened the shop in the coming week: order products, restock on herbs and dried ingredients, sweep, and more. The list overwhelmed him when he looked at it as one item but, piece by piece, he’d be able to accomplish it in no time.

A familiar little chime rang through the air, one he had longed to hear in his time away. He turned to tell whatever customer had walked in he was closed still and to come back later but caught himself.


His presence hit Yamada like a brick across his skull, and he found his feet carrying his body closer to Yuto.

“I didn’t know if you wanted to see me or not,” Yuto said, fidgeting with his hands, “but I figured I might as well stop by and say hello.”

“I’m glad,” Yamada said, the words easily forming as if by magic. “I missed you.”

He wrapped himself around Yuto’s skinny frame, the warmth of his body feeling so right against his skin. This is what he had missed, the genuine human connection that came whenever he was around Yuto. He knew the right things to say to put Yamada at ease. His scent was intoxicating, no longer smelling of something burnt or overly sweet. The smell of a perfectly ripe strawberry filled his lungs every time Yamada breathed in.

Yamada’s eyes flew open and he pulled back, so he could look Yuto directly in the eyes. “You?”

A fierce blush came across Yuto’s face at having been caught. “I, uh, finally got my spell to work while you were gone?” Yuto tried to disentangle himself from Yamada’s grip, but Yamada only held on tighter. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know how you would react when we met again, so I perfected it. I told you before,” he said, biting his bottom lip. “I only want to be happily in love.”

“I should have told you this, too,” Yamada said, roughly gripping the back of Yuto neck before closing the distance between them. “You don’t need a spell to make me fall in love with you.”

Yuto was just as sweet as he smelled, the spell even affecting how he tasted, but Yamada paid it no mind. Even with the whispering nature of the cologne infecting his body, he would have responded the same. He had dreamed of what it would be like to finally have Yuto’s lips on his.

Yuto felt like home. As if he had traveled hours after work had ended, body battered and bruised and the light dying from his eyes only to have his spirit lifted when he walked through the door. Life coursed through his body and he wanted nothing more than to surround himself in this one moment and to never experience another for the rest of his life.

He felt something swipe across his bottom lip, and he played to its demands, opening his mouth to let Yuto’s tongue sneak in. Yamada let Yuto have what he wanted, the need seeping out onto his skin. Yamada only turned his head to deepen the kiss further.

“I thought about everything after that call,” Yuto said, tugging Yamada’s body closer to his. “I thought about me and you, and what I wanted to do to you.”

“More than you already have?” Yamada asked. He played with Yuto’s hair as he spoke. “I would have thought you explored all options in our time apart.”

“I’ve been thinking about us even longer than that,” Yuto said, his hands sinking lower on Yamada’s frame. “Even before I walked into your shop that rainy day.”

“I know,” Yamada said. He locked the front door of the shop with a flick of his wrist.

“I’ve wanted to touch your body in ways I’ve only imagined,” Yuto said, his hands wrapping around the curve of Yamada’s ass.

“I know,” Yamada repeated, closing the blinds next.

Yuto’s eyes were intensely watching him, looking for any hidden doubt or reason to believe that Yamada was only doing this to humor him. Yamada knew what he felt in his heart, spell or no spell, he was going after what he wanted.

“If we’re doing this, I’m not going back to how things were,” Yuto said, his words low.

“I know,” Yamada said, his lips brushing the nape of Yuto’s neck. “I don’t want to either.” He leaned upwards to mumble in Yuto’s ear, “Let’s go upstairs.”

He led Yuto up the stairs, fingers interlocked as they said nothing. Their heartbeats communicated what they longed to say, their ears not ready to hear those words.

Yamada coaxed Yuto onto his bed, kissing him sweetly as Yuto laid him back. Tentative hands brushed the edge of his shirt, and daring fingertips teased the sensitive skin there. He sighed into this kiss, Yamada’s own fingertips reaching to touch Yuto as well.

He let Yuto work his shirt off, sitting up ever so slightly to get the pesky fabric off of his frame. Yuto stopped his movements, eyes studying Yamada’s half naked form before looking him in the eyes once more.

“I…I want to see more,” he said, and Yamada nodded in response, giving Yuto the permission he needed.

His fingers worked open his jeans, tugging down the zipper, and Yuto slid his fingers into the band of Yamada’s underwear as well. In one calculated swoop, he removed the last layers of Yamada’s clothing, leaving him naked to the cool air of his apartment.

Laying beneath Yuto, his hungry eyes wandering his frame, he felt virginal under Yuto’s watch. He craved Yuto’s touch and yet feared it, not knowing which way his hands would go. Yet all he wanted was Yuto’s touch, for him to be the one that controlled his orgasm instead of the hand he had so relied on since Yuto had led him to cuming.

“Beautiful,” Yuto whispered, a single hand stroking the side of Yamada’s chest. “You’re so beautiful, Yama-chan.”

“My first name,” Yamada choked out. “You…you can call me by my first name…if you want.”

“Ryosuke,” Yuto sighed, and Yamada shivered from hearing his first name uttered so sweetly. “You’re beautiful.” His hands teased the edge of his shirt before stripping it from his frame. “You're beautiful,” he uttered once more, leaning down to mark Yamada’s neck with his lips.

It was all too much, and Yuto had hardly touched him. That hot tongue on his neck, those sweet lips against his skin, he could have cum if Yuto was only smart enough to put a real hand on him. It was all what Yuto wanted, and Yamada wouldn’t raise a finger to stop him in his conquest to learn Yamada’s body.

Yuto explored everything. Every nook and cranny turned over as his fingers and his mouth wanted to know everything that made Yamada tick, which spots made him moan louder and shudder at every delicate touch. Yamada’s cock was already hard against his body, and Yuto hadn’t given the sensitive organ the time of day with his hand.

What frustrated him was that Yuto hadn’t let him return the favor, growling every time Yamada tried to raise a hand to give Yuto a little love in return. He had tried to remove Yuto’s bottoms, but it only made the taller man grind their crotches together and Yamada wrap his legs around Yuto’s body, craving more friction.

“Yuto,” he moaned, bringing a hand to his lips. “I don’t think I can last much longer.”

Yuto frowned, his adorable puppy frown. “But I haven’t gotten to taste you yet. Can you wait?”

“I’m human,” Yamada said, his free hand digging into Yuto’s bare shoulder. “I can’t wait for forever.”

“Then,” Yuto said, kissing Yamada’s cheek, “let me make love to you.”

Yamada rummaged around the nightstand, procuring the lube and condoms he kept for safekeeping, wrapping both in Yuto’s hands.

“Hurry,” he whispered, kissing the other man’s knuckles.

He had to remind himself to breathe through the preparation, Yuto’s fingers stretching him far more than what he was used to. He hadn’t done this in so long, preferring to stroke himself into cuming rather that fucking his own hole, but Yuto was kind to him. He waited until Yamada gave some sort of signal, a little nod here or there, before another finger was added.

Thoughts of how Yuto would feel within him clouded his brain. The bursts of pleasure he would make sure Yamada felt before his orgasm was imminent. Though his mind always went back to their kissing, how Yuto had only thought of Yamada and refused to lay a hand on himself even to this moment.

When Yuto finally stripped himself of his jeans and underwear, Yamada’s eyes went wide at the hard dick hanging between Yuto’s legs. All of the time spent stretching him, and he wasn’t sure if everything would fit. The reassuring smile Yuto sent him warmed his heart, and he knew everything would be okay.

Yuto climbed onto the bed, condom rolled onto him, and he went to kiss Yamada again until he stopped him.

“Lay down,” Yamada purred, running a hand down Yuto’s chest. “I want to try something.”

He waited until Yuto was settled before straddling him. “Sit back and enjoy this,” he said, a little playful tone to his voice. “I want you to enjoy yourself.”

Yamada took Yuto’s cock in hand, holding it steady as he slowly slid down the massive length. He felt as if he was being stretched to the edge of his comfort zone, and all he could do was continue down. He wanted Yuto to feel good. He wanted Yuto to feel all of the love overflowing from his heart, and he wanted Yuto to enjoy the sex between them.

When he finally bottomed out, he was breathing hard. His thighs already ached, and he hadn’t begun to bounce. What he knew was that he enjoyed feeling Yuto within him, and he wanted more.


“Use my name,” Yamada said, testing out a few rolls of his hips, and he loved how Yuto moaned beneath him. “I want you to use it.”

He started to bounce, riding Yuto’s cock through all of the waves of pleasure that coursed through his body. He felt invincible on Yuto’s cock, knowing that Yuto’s entire world only consisted of him. He felt powerful, adored, and he felt beautiful knowing that Yuto’s eyes never left him no matter how Yamada moved his hips.

“Ryosuke,” Yuto moaned. His hands curved around Yamada’s ass, helping him bounce. “I’m so close.”

Yamada wrapped a hand around himself, hissing at the sudden contact, and he stroked himself as he rode Yuto harder. He could feel his orgasm in reach, fingers brushing the edges. One little thing was all he needed to push him over the edge, and to feel the warmth spread throughout his body like he craved.

Yuto gasped, and he came, his cock jerked within Yamada’s ass. One good stroke was all he needed before he was spilling over his own hand, hips lazily moving to work Yuto through his own orgasm.

“Ryosuke,” Yuto said when his breath returned, hands rubbing circles into Yamada’s thighs. “That was-”

Yamada leaned over and claimed Yuto’s for his own, kissing him soft and sweet. When he pulled away, Yuto tried to follow his lips.

“Let’s take a bath,” Yamada said.

It was a small tub, barely made for someone Yuto’s height, but they managed to make it work, Yamada settling into the comfort of Yuto’s arms.

“You know,” Yamada said, fingers playing with the water’s surface. “With how you created that cologne infused love spell-”

“Attraction spell,” Yuto clarified.

“That,” Yamada said, rolling his eyes, “it might be good enough to land you a decent apprenticeship, and you can integrate better with the magical community.”

“You think so?” Yuto asked. His arms wrapped a little more firmly around Yamada’s body.

“Know so,” Yamada said, resting a hand on top of Yuto’s forearm. “Get a nice letter of recommendation or two, and you’ll have offers pouring in.” He smiled as he rested his head against Yuto’s chest. “You might want to ask your boyfriend for one. I’ve heard he’s quite good with words.”

“Boyfriend?” the confusion in Yuto’s words flooded the room. “But I don’t have a-” he stopped himself, and Yamada felt a wet hand guide his head towards Yuto’s face. “Yama-chan, you’re joking.”

“I thought I told you,” Yamada said, covering Yuto’s hand with his own, “to use my first name.”

As the pitter-patter of rain hit the window, a spring storm beginning, he had never experienced a kiss so sweet and pure as when Nakajima Yuto kissed his lips.