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03 November 2016 @ 09:33 pm

Hey! Say! Jump

College AU
What do we know? - Yamada, Keito
The story of tonight - YamaKeito
You and only you - TakaChii
Water under the bridge - YabuHika
I'll be - YabuHika
This moment - NakaChi
Only you - YabuHika
Lucky - YamaKeito

Idol AU
If I knew - YamaKeito
Stone cold - HikaTaka
Like this - YutoChii, YamaKeito, HikaTaka

A fool to say your name (2-shot)
I'm a fool to want you - YabuHika (NC-17)
Say my name - YabuHika (NC-17)

Strip club AU (2-shot)
Meet me inside - YamaChii (R)
Only want you - YamaChii (NC-17)

30 Day Domestic Challenge (YabuHika)
10 days with you
10 more days with you
Our final days

Never as planned - HikaTaka
Catch my breath - HikaTo
What Christmas means to me - Gen
11:11 pm - YabuTo
Mercy - YabuTo (R)
I miss you - TakaChii
Fast & slow - YabuTo (NC-17)
Air - TakaKeito
Blow us all away - YabuTo (R)
Crazy - HikaTaka
Beside you - TakaChii
What I want - YabuHika, YabuHikaTo
Good time - YamaKeito (NC-17)
Love yourself - YabuTo
Harder to breathe - HikaYama (NC-17)
3 - YamaKeito, YutoYamaKeito (NC-17)
Dreamlover - YamaChine (NC-17)
Just give me a reason - AriYama (NC-17)
The man in the mirror - HikaTo (NC-17)
Teach me tonight - HikaTo (NC-17)
My paper heart - Okajima, Yamachii (NC-17)
Company - YabuHika (NC-17)
Sweet liar - HikaYama (NC-17)
Whiskey and you - YabuHika (NC-17)
Animals - HikaTo (NC-17)
The sound of silence - YamaKeito
For all seasons - YutoYama (NC-17)
On the loose - YabuHika (NC-17)
The price I pay - YutoHika, YabuHika (NC-17)
Bad enough for you - HikaDai (NC-17)
Too far gone - YabuHika (NC-17)
Try me - HikaTo (NC-17)
Near to you - YabuHika
So simple - YutoHika (R)
Help me out - HikaChii (NC-17)
Comfort you - YamaChii (R)
Good intentions - YabuHika (NC-17)
Dirty water - YabuHika (NC-17)
True colors - YabuHika

River Lea - HikaTo
One | Two | Three | Four | Epilogue

ficreader_02: pic#123880793ficreader_02 on June 3rd, 2017 11:52 pm (UTC)
Hi! Just curious, you haven't wrote a fanfic about Inoo. Are you open for fanfic request about him?

Bane: Aiba Ticked Offsanadas_sanity on June 4th, 2017 01:01 am (UTC)
Inoo is just very hard for me to write. I can't really nail down his personality all that well, and I don't know much about him tbh. You can definitely try and request something?? I just can't make any promises that I'll finish it
ficreader_02: pic#123880793ficreader_02 on June 7th, 2017 11:40 pm (UTC)
Hmm... Inoo is like everyone in JUMP said, a random person. He'll suddenly blurt something offensive yet funny. Also, when he say something serious, he'll end it with a funny random remark.

For me, writing fanfics doesn't really need to be based on their personality. You could create a whole new chara for him like imagining him in a drama or movie he's playing. 😊
Bane: pic#92163858sanadas_sanity on June 8th, 2017 02:51 am (UTC)

And see that's what's hard about him for me. I've written him in fic before but he's a small role because I can't fill the entire space with him.

Sadly that's not how I write xD I like to put the boys in different scenarios to see how they react. I don't want it to be their name and a different persona. I want it to be as close to them as I can get.